Working With Farm Equipment Dealerships​

Tyrefix UK understands that margins are tight when it comes to farm machinery and that after-sales maintenance packages are vital for successful farm equipment dealerships. In many cases, however, preventative tyre maintenance such as tyre rotation and tyre repair or replacement services are not always included in maintenance programmes. 

This is most often because it is too difficult to negotiate a streamlined SLA and pricing agreement across different regions. Another challenge to consider is that each fitter works and charges differently, not to mention handling customer complaints when a tyre fitter does not do a particularly good job. 

Fortunately, Tyrefix can help as you get a chance to work with a national company with vast experience in farming and agriculture.

Farm Equipment Dealerships

Benefits Of Partnering With TyreFix

On-site TyreFix Van

We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years and know farming machinery and farming tyres tremendously well. Overall, the biggest benefit is the consistency of region-wide service so you no longer have to deal with multiple providers. When working with TyreFix, you get a great partner offering clarity on costs, post-sale support and assistance to help meet your targets.

  • Quick and consistent service with exceptional customer care
  • We work with you to create standard pricing and maintenance packages
  • Provide detailed job sheets allowing you to have a paper trail and easy re-billing
  • As a well-established business, we have standard SLAs and other administrative documentation that is often required from head offices
  • There is also a TyreFix mobile app that will make it even easier for customers to log a tyre replacement or tyre repair request

Providing Solutions For Farm Equipment Dealerships

Farm equipment dealerships may be faced with issues in delivering price and service consistency to customers which can be a real pain when using a broad supplier mix across the region. As a nationwide provider, TyreFix can offer standardised pricing and service levels across all regions in the UK so there will be no surprises.

Instead of spending countless hours searching through local providers with varying degrees of quality and service, we can act as your main service provider for the dealerships region. Another benefit of working with Tyrefix is that farm equipment dealerships can provide their customers with a paper trail. It will clearly state the details of the job sheets with a fully transparent and easy re-billing process.

Fast, Efficient And Reliable Tyre Repair And Replacement Services

TyreFix are experts in the field with professional, efficient tyre fitters in fully equipped service vans ready to help and support farmers across the country. We have over 100 highly trained and qualified tyre fitters with a good understanding of agricultural specific machinery.

Our National Control Centre in Leicestershire has you covered as our fitters are independent and will never recommend a tyre based on brand name preference but rather what is best for the farming equipment or vehicle. As we work closely with farm equipment dealerships, we understand the importance of using original parts which is why we only use OE (Original Equipment) tyres. In terms of response time, we can get to any location or site within 3 hours which greatly reduces vehicle downtime.

Have a look at our reviews from customers just like you. For more information about our tyre repair and replacement services, or how we can help farm equipment dealerships, please contact us on the website or call 01530 244444