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TyreFix UK: Best For Farming Buyer Groups

We understand that farming buying groups represent farming communities in regions across the country and that supporting them is a number one priority. 

By providing farmers with invaluable market insights from industry specialists, having access to a well-run supply chain and bringing together key agricultural suppliers, you can help farmers improve efficiency and reduce costs across the board. 

TyreFix UK is here to help as an unbiased, independent service provider with no loyalty to any specific brand that operates on full transparency in the best interest of the farming buyer groups and the farmers themselves.  

Farming Buyer Groups

Experts In Farming Machinery and Tyres

With more than 30 years of industry experience, TyreFix UK can provide expert advice and exceptional service to farming buyer groups and their farmer members on all things related to farm tyres and machinery. Our professionally trained controllers and fitters can help with everything from the suitability of specific tyres for different soil types and the importance of tyre rotation to determining whether a vulcanised tyre repair should be considered to prolong the life of the tyre.  

Through our extensive experience, we also understand how difficult it can be for buying groups to offer a consistent supply chain for tyre repairs and tyre replacements across the UK. As Tyrefix is independently-owned, and one of the UK’s largest stockholders of pneumatic plant tyres having built partnerships with the biggest tyre wholesalers over time, we can provide your members with the right combination of availability and consistent pricing. 

More importantly, with our professional team of Tyrefix fitters located across the UK, we can offer a consistent service to members of farming buyer groups in their local communities. We understand the need for quick service so we will appoint an account manager that you can work with directly who can respond quickly to your requests typically within 24 hours.

Preferential Pricing For Farming Buyer Groups 

We know how crucial it is for farmers to get their farming machinery up and running after a tyre failure. As such, we have an unrivalled service commitment to get one of our fitters onsite within 3 hours. 

Our team has extensive knowledge of health and safety considerations within a farming environment and follows a strict policy of “fix first, replace second” which guarantees cost savings. TyreFix UK also has no preference for a specific tyre brand and will only recommend what is best for the farmer in terms of budget and requirements.

As the goal is to offer farmers a streamlined administration process that clearly outlines all of the supplier costs through the farming buying group, we provide full transparency on accounting procedures. This encompasses a speedy ordering process from the start through to electronic job sheets  from the fitter to a full invoice audit trail. With TyreFix UK, you get one point of contact who you can deal with for quotes and preferential pricing.

Nationwide Farming Tyre Service Provider

Instead of dealing with 10 suppliers for one tyre, waiting on quotes with no transparency and rapidly changing prices, TyreFix UK offers something different.

As a single, nationwide farm tyre service provider, we can provide more consistent pricing and service excellence across the country which translates into a streamlined procurement process among other incredible benefits.

We are driven to offer professional, corporate-level service and promote best practices for the farmers in your buying group. When farmers need advice on tyre repairs or tyre replacements, we continually offer advice through knowledge sharing on our website, blog posts and the tremendously efficient customer service team.

Why Farming Buyer Groups Choose TyreFix  

  • With 80+ locations across the UK, we can support your farming community regardless of where they are locate
  • Our 3-hour response time remains unrivalled
  • We can be your main service provider for the buying groups’ region, rather than having to go through a time-consuming vetting process of local providers
  • We can negotiate a standardised service level agreement with your organisation to ensure that your farmer members get the best possible prices 
  • Our high-quality service is backed by highly-trained technicians who are fully-insured for on-farm repairs and replacements
  • Tyrefix provides detailed job sheets and invoices for maintaining best-practice paper trails in case of an audit

Our knowledgeable onsite fitters are also a great source of information as they will always advise farmers on tyre rotation best practices. This includes the right type of tyre for the machinery and terrain as well as the optimum tyre pressures for different surfaces and farming activities. 

For more information about our tyre repair and replacement services, or how we can help farming buyer groups, please contact us on the website or call 01530 244444.